What is Choi Lai Fut Kung Fu?

Beautiful. Powerful. Effective.

Kung Fu is all these things. A martial art dating back millenia, Kung Fu has been an integral part of the Chinese culture as a combat method, a complete health system, and a way of life. Choi Lai Fut Kung Fu is no different.

The beginning of martial arts is said to have arrived in China by way of India and the Buddhist monk Bodhidharma (Ta Mo). He taught the monks that he found there the Sup Bak Lohan exercises for the health and cultivation of their bodies, minds and spirits. Gradually, these exercises developed into the many styles of Kung Fu.

Choi Lai Fut was created in 1836 by Chan Heung in the King Mui village in Guangdong province. It was named for his teachers-Choi Fook, Lee Yau San, and Fut, meaning Buddha. Since the style's inception, it has branched into three distinct lineages. Two are called Hung Sing, and the third name Bak Sing. Choi Lai Fut can be spelled many different ways (Choy Lee Fut, Tsai Le Fo, etc.), depending on the branch, dialect and teacher involved. Choy Lai Fut combines the hand techniques known well in the southern Kung Fu styles with the foot techniques or kicks that mark the northern styles.

Choi Lai fut is a complete martial art, incorporating hard or external forms with the softer, internal sets. The system of Choy Lai Fut has over 140 recorded forms that are divided into three different levels..."primary" or beginner, "secondary" or intermediate, and "tertiary" or advanced. The forms consist of the following categories:

* Fist forms-One and two person
* Weapon forms-One and two person
* Sand Bag (or Sabo Jong) sets
* Wooden Dummy sets...(both hand and weapon training)
* Qi Gong sets