Sifu Jason Mann began his martial arts training at age 15 in the Kempo style, originally training in Guilford, Connecticut. After four years of training he earned his first degree black belt in the style. During this period, Sifu Jason helped to raise funds and teach for charitable organizations such as S.A.R.A.H., Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, and the New Haven public school system. Expanding his original teaching beyond the dojo, he began training students in the local school systems as well. Sifu Jason has been involved in and received numerous recommendations from elementary, middle, and high schools in Guilford, Madison, Bethany and others. He went on to achieve 3rd dan in the Kempo style. During this period, he was also exposed to Wah Lum style (Northern Mantis), Tak Wah Eng’s Fu Jow Pai, as well as the Hung Gar system.

In 1995, Sifu Jason relocated to San Diego. Through a mutual friend and Kung Fu practioner, fellow student and martial arts store owner Mario Figueroa, he was introduced to Sigung Primicias and his Choy Lai Fut classes in Poway, California. Sigung Primicias’ focus on application of the sets and techniques was one of the primary attractions of the style and the teaching method. Eventually, Jason began to assist Sigung Primicias in teaching the classes in the Poway studio. In December of 2004, Jason earned black second level in Choy Lai Fut kung fu. In January 2005, Sifu Jason relocated back to Connecticut to spread the Choy Lai Fut teachings.